Nissan Sunny service from 1991 to 1997 of release in n-14 body.
1. Maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
4. Cooling system
5. Heating and ventilation system
6. Fuel and exhaust system
7. System of start-up of the engine
7.1. Specifications
7.2. Battery
7.3. Generator
7.4. System of start-up of the engine
7.5. Sensor of emergency pressure of oil
7.6. Starter
7.7. Ignition system
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
10. Semi-axes
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and steering
13. Body
14. Electric equipment


7.4. System of start-up of the engine

If the starter does not join at key turn in the ignition lock, it can be caused by the following reasons:

  – the battery is faulty;
  – pollution of contacts of power wires (starter and traction relay);
  – the traction relay is faulty;
  – the starter is faulty.


1. Check the battery, having included a driving beam of headlights.
2. At dim light of headlights check and charge (or replace) the battery.
3. At bright light of headlights include a starter and if headlights пригасают, the starter is faulty.
4. If headlights continue to burn, but is not audible click, the traction relay or a chain of its food is faulty.
5. At weak rotation of a starter and the serviceable battery it is faulty or a starter, or resistance of a chain of its food increased.
6. At suspicion on a bad condition of a chain disconnect all wires and smooth out contacts, including the tire of connection of the engine with weight, establish wires into place.
7. If the battery and wires in a satisfactory condition, whether that check tension on the traction relay moves.
8. For this purpose disconnect a wire from flat contact of the relay and through a lamp or the voltmeter connect to weight.
9. Turn the ignition key.
10. If tension on the relay moves, the chain is serviceable, otherwise check wires (cм. subsection 14.2.1).
11. Check power contacts of a starter on the traction relay, having connected to them a lamp or the voltmeter.
12. If at starter inclusion the lamp does not burn (or not tension), it is necessary to replace the traction relay.
13. If the chain and the relay are serviceable, it is recommended to replace a starter.

7.3. Generator

7.5. Sensor of emergency pressure of oil