Nissan Sunny service from 1991 to 1997 of release in n-14 body.
1. Maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
4. Cooling system
4.1. Specifications
4.2. Hoses of system of cooling
4.3. Radiator
4.4. Thermostat
4.5. Electrofan
4.6. Sensors and switches of system of cooling
4.7. The pump of cooling liquid
5. Heating and ventilation system
6. Fuel and exhaust system
7. System of start-up of the engine
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
10. Semi-axes
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and steering
13. Body
14. Electric equipment


4.4. Thermostat

The thermostat is mounted in the case, fastens bolts to the pump of cooling liquid from a forward cover of the engine.


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Merge cooling liquid (see subsection 2.4.5).
3. Disconnect from a thermostat cover a hose.
4. Disconnect the socket of the thermoswitch of the fan on a cover of an inlet branch pipe (if it is provided).
5. Disconnect from a thermostat cover conducting and take aside.
6. Unscrew bolts and uncover the thermostat, having carefully knocked on it or having loosened.
7. Get the thermostat from the case, having paid attention to position of the ventilating valve.


1. Suspend the thermostat in a vessel with water and with the thermometer, in process of heating of water perepuskny the valve of the thermostat should open. Otherwise the thermostat replace.
2. Check temperature of opening of the valve of the thermostat.
3. If the thermostat when cooling is not closed, it is necessary to replace it.


1. Clear the demountable planes of a cover and the thermostat case.
2. Establish the thermostat so that ventilating (it is specified by an arrow) the valve was turned up.
3. Accurately put on the demountable plane of the case hermetic.
4. Establish a cover of the thermostat and tighten bolts with the set moment.
5. Fix conducting by a bracket on a thermostat cover, attach the socket of the thermoswitch of the fan.
6. Attach a hose.
7. Fill in cooling liquid.
8. Connect the battery to weight.

4.3. Radiator

4.5. Electrofan